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"There are very few limits to what you can achieve. But the greatest limit is time. Stop waiting."  - Todd Sivers in BECOME
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  • The HUGE Secret that allows a fewpeople to create great wealth while the rest struggle. - Chapter 1, Page 10.
  • Why what you know is often completely worthless to you. - Chapter 7, page 83.
  • The one simple change in your thinking that can multiply your capability instantly. - Chapter 1, page 16.
  • How you can eliminate risk as you try new things. -Chapter 5, page 64.
  • How you'll never fail at anything again. - Chapter 5, page 64.
  • What secretlycontrols you and KEEPS you FROM the success you deserve. -Chapter 5, page 60.
  • Why you OFTEN overestimate or underestimate yourself, and how to fix it. -Chapter 5, page 63.
  • How you can make what you know pay off over and over, even if you don't believe you're capable. -Chapter 15, page 160.
  • What keeps you from changing & how you can overcome it forever. -Chapter 18, page 185.
  • How the 1% - the world's wealthiest people - think differently, and how you can join them. -Part I Introduction, page 3.
  • The ONE thing you can do RIGHT NOW to create immediate opportunity & income.  -Chapter 20, page 201.
  • The global CHANGESthat could DESTROYyour opportunity for wealth & influence very, very soon. -Chapter 1, page 16.
  • How to continuously upgrade your way to the lifestyle of your dreams. -Chapter 11, page 128. 
  • How to design & create the PERFECTbusiness for your lifestyle. -Chapter 15, page 158.
  • How to land the PERFECTjob for your lifestyle. -Chapter 15, page 158.
  • The four qualities YOU HAVE that will AUTOMATICALLYcreate limitless opportunities for you. -Chapter 15, page 161.
  • Why you're MISSINGthousands of opportunities RIGHT NOW. -Chapter 11, page 127.
  • How to make a LOT more (money, change, difference) while doing a lot less (effort, investment, risk). -Chapter 2, page 23.
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