How to Multiply your Capability
By Todd Sivers
You can discover and take charge of the power that you desperately need. This power is already within you, waiting for you to take control of it.

If you don’t use it, no one will ever benefit from it. Not you, and not the people whose lives you could change if you take charge of your personal power and become. 

I guide people to success in four parts: personal, public, professional, and phenomenal. If you want to become all that you can, this is the order to do it in.

Personal becoming is taking charge of your beliefs, emotions, and habits. It’s about building your confidence

Public becoming is taking charge of your relationships and perceptions. It’s about building your connections

Professional becoming is taking charge of your choices, and influencing the choices of other people. It’s about building your competence

Phenomenal becoming is taking charge of your creativity and actions, and multiplying your effectiveness. It’s about building your capacity
When you start becoming practically on all four levels, you’ll rapidly multiply your capability. 
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