The BIG, Simple Difference Between Phenomenal Achievers and Average People
By Todd Sivers
The only difference between average people and phenomenal achievers is the ability to set and reach big goals.

You wouldn’t think this would be so hard, until you actually try. We succeed by keeping our focus on the task at hand while we maintain a clear understanding of the where the finish line is.
Most people focus ten or twenty steps ahead while they maintain awareness of dozens to hundreds of things that have absolutely nothing to do with their goals.

This difference between phenomenal achievers and average people isn’t hard to experience, if you’re willing to let go. It’s very easy to adapt high-performance habits once you recognize who you are and what you’re capable of, and let go of everything else. 

The reason it happens so rarely is because of the difference between how most people see the world and their place in it, and the way highly successful people see the world and their place in it. 

Here’s an example of how it plays out over a lifetime: 

You might be surprised to learn that I haven’t watched a news program on television in eighteen years. The last one I watched was on September 13, 2001. For a few days in the fall of 2001, I was glued to the horrible news like everyone else. But for more than a decade prior to that, I hadn’t watched a single news program either.

That’s practically three decades without consuming news. I also don’t ever visit any news websites, and I never read newspapers. I have read a few specific news articles, and watched a few news videos that people I know, like, and trust have sent to me. I check my own stock prices and a few economic indicators regularly because they matter to me. Other than that, all my news comes from my circle of friends.
How much time would that save you? How much more could you focus on your own goals? How much less would you focus on fearing things you have no control over? How much more focus would you be capable of investing in what you CAN control?

I’m not necessarily advocating that particular practice for you, but it works very well for me. It has saved me thousands of hours that I have been able to invest directly into what matters most to me.

However, I guarantee you there are things you're doing EVERY DAY that are sucking your time and energy and leaving you unable to create the life you really want. 
Your future success or failure will be determined by what you do today.
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