Stop Waiting to Succeed
By Todd Sivers
This is your moment. It’s your time to become. 

Choose to become more purposeful and powerful every single day. Refuse to accept mediocrity or complacency in yourself. Don’t allow other people to define or devalue you. Don’t stagnate or quit. Don’t lose yourself in Netflix. Don’t get distracted by subdivision Jonses. Don’t settle for Hondas and Toyotas. Don’t limit yourself to Disneyland dreams. Don’t live a safe little pointless life.

Invest your time, energy, and resources in efforts that matter. Improve the world, or die trying. Model integrity and grace for the next generation. Work hard, love harder, and sleep great knowing you do what you can, when you can, for who you can. Become stronger, more capable, and more powerful every day.

Start right now.

Becoming someone better and more powerful than you are isn’t about self-improvement. It’s about transformation. All the willpower and intention you can manage will never change a thing about your life. Not until you have a crystal clear ‘why’. Once you know your unique purpose clearly, all the stuff you know you need to change will change far more easily.
It doesn’t matter if you’re 14, 45, or 95… If you’re alive, you can become. It’s not going to happen unless you make it happen. But it isn’t nearly as difficult as you might think.

Everyone has a different dream. Everyone will become in their own unique way. There’s incredible beauty in that process. But most people stop trying to become at some point and settle for being entertained, stable, and stagnant.
That is, I believe, the greatest tragedy in the world. Because those people still become. But when they don’t do it intentionally, they become weaker, less confident, and more complacent. They become smaller mentally, emotionally, and relationally while they often become bigger physically.

As fast as life goes by, I can’t imagine not doing all that I can, to do all that I can, with all that I have left. I’ve chosen every hour of every day to be intentional about who I become. You can, too.

We're living in the best of times. There are more opportunities available to you right now than at any time in history. You have a right and a responsibility to become. You can become uniquely powerful and create the life you've always wanted very, very quickly. You can create dramatic changes in your life in just the next 91 days, if you make and follow an intentional plan.

But we're living in precarious times. There is a huge global secret that is changing everything about the way we live and function as human beings. If you don't act quickly and decisively, you could be setting your family up to struggle for generations to come. Act now, or your children, your children's children, their children, and your great, great grandchildren may suffer the consequences of your hesitation.
I know that seems dramatic, but it’s true. 

If you’re ready to become powerful and purposeful, now is you time. I’m looking for people who are ready and committed to becoming who they’ve always dreamed of being. I’ll show you exactly how, and I’ll walk you through each step. Click this link, and download my book, BECOME, 91 Days to your Most Powerful, Purposeful Life now.

Right now, the book is free, my guidance is free, and you are free to BECOME.  

© Copyright 2019 - Todd Sivers