How You Can Quickly Become Powerful
By Todd Sivers
You can discover and take charge of the power that you desperately need. This power is already within you, waiting for you to take control of it. If you don’t use it, no one will ever benefit from it. Not you, and not the people whose lives you could change if you take charge of your personal power and become

I guide people to success in five parts: personal, public, professional, phenomenal, and practical. If you want to become all that you can, this is the order to do it in. 

Personal becoming is a matter of transforming your understanding. You’ll upgrade your own beliefs, emotions, and habits. You’ll transform your understanding of who you are and what you’re capable of. 

You’ll gain understanding of your own uniqueness, and the value only you have to bring to the rest of the world. You’ll transform internally as you choose to bring your unique value to the surface and express yourself fully each and every day. 

Your confidence will expand as you become thinner, wiser, more capable, more resilient, stronger, anything you want to become that requires only you to achieve it.
You’ll never complete your internal transformation.

Once you begin, you’ll be becoming personally for the rest of your life. Becoming isn’t about a specific destination, it’s about a lifestyle.

Once you’ve begun to become personally, you can choose to become publicly. As you become publicly, you’ll use your deeper understanding to connect with others more powerfully than ever before. You’ll gain the ability to connect with others effectively by expressing similarity. As you do, your uniqueness will shine through and promote your importance and value to them. 

They’ll recognize how you’re like them, they’ll also see how you’re pursuing something deeper and more valuable than most people do. They’ll want the sort of confidence and capability you express. They’ll want to become more like you, to understand you and know what you know.

Public becoming will allow you to become a better friend or spouse, to relate to others or lead others, anything you want to become that requires you to interact with others to achieve it. 

Like personal becoming, public becoming is a never-ending process. But once you’ve begun to become publicly, you can start becoming professionally.

Professional becoming is about competence. This is where you take the uniqueness of personal becoming and the connections of public becoming and put them together to influence those you connect with. 

Everyone needs someone to believe in. You’ll be that person as you become professionally. 

Your professional presence can and should be an extension of your personal and public presence. There should be no difference in your personality or ethics at any time or with any people. Professional capability isn’t about selling, or project completion, or job security, or profit.

Your profession should fulfill the promise your personal and public existence makes to the world.

When you learn to do this, work will no longer feel like work. You’ll love what you do, and you’ll gain the ability to sell, complete projects, feel completely secure in any economy, and make all the money you’ll ever need. Professional becoming will allow you to become creative, resourceful, profitable, resilient, anything you want to become that requires you to generate cash flow to achieve it.

Becoming at personal, public, and professional levels may or may not involve any sort of entrepreneurship. You can become on these levels as an employee, retiree, investor, lottery winner, recipient of an inheritance or settlement, or in your own business. But to become phenomenally will require you to take a deeper level of responsibility for your own daily activities and plans. To become phenomenally, you will inevitably have to become an entrepreneur, or at the very least, entrepreneurial in your thinking and actions.

Becoming phenomenally involves your creativity and actions, multiplying your effectiveness. You’ll create and cast vision that far exceeds your own ability. In the process, you’ll magnetize other people to efforts that are far bigger than you and they are. You’ll literally become capable of making massive, powerful, positive change in the world as you become phenomenal. You’ll multiply your capacity over and over.

Phenomenal becoming is becoming anything you want to become that requires you to inspire and involve others on a grand scale, exponentially expanding your capacity and growing far beyond what anyone believes you are capable of. 

You won’t become phenomenal without first becoming personally, publicly, and professionally. But most people never even try to become phenomenally. They set their goals and aspirations far too low, if they set any at all. That’s primarily because they do not understand themselves, or the way the world really works. But I'll make that easy for you...

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